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Service Matters

At ProItUp Optics, irrespective of your purchase, our aim is to deliver top-notch service. Optics under the ProItUp Warranty are eligible for complimentary repairs or replacements. Should the necessary repair fall outside the warranty coverage, we will communicate with you before commencing any repair work.


Or, Shoot the Breeze.

When reaching out to ProItUp Optics for assistance with your optics-related inquiries, you engage with genuine experts possessing substantial experience in addressing your concerns. Moreover, they excel in fostering meaningful and informative conversations.

Contact Us

Have questions or need additional assistance? Visit our FAQs, or email us at and we’d be happy to help!

ProItUp Optics Repairs

Should your optic or product require repair, tuning, or replacement parts, we stand ready to provide comprehensive assistance. To connect with our dedicated service representatives, please initiate contact, and we will promptly facilitate the ordering process for your required part(s), initiate your Service Request, and furnish a prepaid shipping label for your convenience.


For inquiries, kindly reach out to us at Our commitment is to address your needs with expediency and efficiency.


Upon completion of the request form, securely package the item for shipment to the following address:


ProItUp Optics

Attn: Service on Warranty

First Floor, Building 31, Waterford Office Park,

Fourways, 2194


Please adhere to the following packaging guidelines:

- Place the optic in a sturdy corrugated box, avoiding the use of duct tape or shrink-wrapping.

- When reusing a box, remove any extraneous labels.

- Position the Service Request form atop the product.

- Utilize appropriate fill material (such as newspaper or bubble wrap) to occupy any voids in the box (refrain from using shredded paper or packing peanuts, and ensure no broken glass is present).

- Seal the package securely and affix the label.


We have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently encountered troubleshooting questions, aiming to expedite issue resolution. Explore our Troubleshooting page for potential solutions and a swift return to optimal functionality.


Should direct assistance from our technicians be required, we stand ready to troubleshoot, evaluate, and address any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us via email at

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