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A Partnership for Wildlife Conservation, Community Development and More Field Guide College

ProItUp Optics & More Community Foundation

Welcome to the ProItUp Optics and More Community Foundation partnership! We’re excited to share our commitment to wildlife conservation and how our brands unite for a greater purpose.

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Our Shared Vision

At ProItUp Optics, we’ve always been passionate about enhancing your vision of the world. Now, we’re taking that vision to the next level by teaming up with the More Community Foundation.

The More Community Foundation shares our dedication to preserving the natural lands and educating the next generation. Together, we aim to protect wildlife habitats, support Field Guide education, and inspire a love for nature.

The Synergy of Our Brands

ProItUp Optics and More Community Foundation share common values that
form the bedrock of our partnership:

Our Commitment

We are proud to announce our commitment to donate 5% of our annual sales to the More Community Foundation. Every pair of binoculars you buy from ProItUp Optics contributes directly to wildlife conservation, community development and the More Field Guide College program.


Join Us in
Wildlife Conservation

By choosing ProItUp Optics, you’re not only enhancing your own vision but also contributing to a brighter future for wildlife. Join us in this remarkable journey of conservation.

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Together, We
See A Better World

ProItUp Optics and More Community Foundation are partnering for a purpose – to protect wildlife and educate future generations of field guides. Together, we see a better world, and we invite you to be part of it.

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